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Our 6 Core Business Promises

Great service, guaranteed

We tailor our service to YOUR needs, whether its merely a map of your farm, or yield estimation of your special canola-yellow Tuscan sunflowers.

And we provide a guarantee of excellence.
Satisfaction, or your money back.

Precise, Hi-Res imagery

IntegriSense provides a 
high-speed, high resolution (< 3 cm), 
geo-located imagery set of your farm, crop, or study area. 

We fly in any weather condition 
(within reason, of course).

Legislation compliant

With our first in SA drone legislation compliance, you can rest assured that together with you, we
work with integrity.
We provide, among others, an FAA CAA accredited drone, commercially licensed pilot and full flight plans.

Relevant expert ADVICE

At IntegriSense,
we partnered with only the best in research, industry and area-specific experts.

Be it one of Stellenbosch University's departments, the Agricultural Research Council, or the
Department of Agriculture.

Top Tech

We partnered with
top class suppliers 
and operators to give you
 personalised service.

So you can rest assured that only the best technology is used, to give you top results.


IntegriSense partnered with Stellenbosch University and the CGA to invest in current and future generations.

We provide imagery, funding streams, data-sets and skills development for 
research departments, researchers and students in biodiversity, agriculture, forestry, GIS and other arenas.

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What do we provide?

Farming is a science. Demand precise work.

Gone are the days where an educated guess was good enough for farming.
Today, you want to know where every last drop of water, fertilizer and pest control goes.
With IntegriSense, we'll provide precision to your agriculture.


You know that good advice is scarce.
Expect the best.

Time is money, we will save you both. 
And because your land and crops are important, it makes sense to get only the best advice.

At IntegriSense we partnered with the top experts and researchers in the agricultural, water management, biodiversity and forestry industries. These people don't work for us, they work with us
That means that their professional integrity is on the line.


High resolution imagery for your project,
When and where you need it.

Let's be honest, waiting for imagery of your study-site is one of the most gut-wrenching experiences possibly known to a researcher and/or student. 
We know. We were there.

That's why we announced our specialised services geared towards the academic environment.
Whether its regular raw high-resolution imagery for your research and/or project, or an ad hoc thermal flight over your study area,
we provide a turn-key service that caters to your requirements.
We even connect to your preferred software suite.

And with our special rates for the academic environment, can you really afford to wait?

After all, we are doing science here!

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